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2019 CI Small Grant Program

In 2019, UAlbany Confucius Institute (CI) received 19 small grant research proposals, submitted by faculty and graduate students in 10 different disciplines. After a careful review by five UAlbany faculty in different departments, UAlbany CI selected three best proposals to be submitted to Hanban for final approval. One of these proposals are funded.

The UN Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration and its Implementation: The Case of China

The proposed grant will primarily support analysis of Chinese government engagement in international cooperation on migration in general and, more particularly, the government’s implementation of the UN Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, which China voted for in the General Assembly in December 2018. This is a part of a broader analysis of the Global Compact in which I take an international relations approach that uses the prism of international regimes and issue area linkage to argue that migrant origin states have, in effect, won commitments from migrant destination states for improving conditions of guestworkers by agreeing to increase cooperation on international travel security aimed at reducing irregular migration. The actual impact of the Global Compact on improving conditions for migrant workers as well as securing international travel will depend greatly on whether and how states implement the Compact, given that it is non-binding and that states may implement actions to realize some of the Compact’s commitments but not others, and that they may select from among a range of actions to realize those commitments that they do follow up on. In addition to signing onto the Global Compact, the Chinese government has engaged in international cooperation on migration by sponsoring an “International Forum on Immigration Inspection” that has brought immigration officials from 30 countries to China. I hope to interview Chinese academic subject matter experts and government officials about Chinese immigration policy and implementation of the Global Compact as well as attend the International Forum on Immigration Inspection.

Guofu Liu, Professor of Law at Beijing Technical University and prominent scholar of migration and refugee law (author of Chinese Immigration Law, International Refugee Law and Chinese Refugee Law) is willing to help me with my project and invited me to submit a shortened version of my article “Selective Migration Policy Models and Changing Realities of Implementation,” to be published in a volume he is editing for World Affairs Press. I also plan to meet with Shen Yan, an official of the China Immigration Inspection Agency, for whom I wrote a letter to support her application for a government grant that would have brought her to UAlbany for a year of research (but was not funded). Additionally, the grant will support analysis of the development and implementation of Chinese immigration policies geared toward attracting high-skilled migrants while at the same time controlling migration flows (which would follow up on an article that I published with Sheng Ding in 2017). Aside from Professor Liu’s work, our article was one of the first analyses of Chinese immigration policymaking in English. An evaluation of the implementation of China’s 2013 immigration law and related policy outcomes has yet to appear in the academic migration studies literature and there is no English-language analysis of Chinese engagement in international cooperation on migration in the international relations or political science literatures.

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