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LeLand & Gray Union High School Students Visit CI

On Oct. 12th, 2016, more than 30 students from LeLand & Gray Union High School, Vermont, and some of their teachers and parents visited CI. These students are Chinese language learners, and they wanted to visit UAlbany Confucius Institute (CI). This is the first time CI opens to students from schools outside of New York State.

Prof. Youqin Huang, the Executive Director of CI met students at the Collins Circle, gave them a brief tour of the campus. They were very happy and excited to see the big fountains and the beautiful campus. Then in Humanity Building, students visited CI’s Art Exhibit, where hand-made wool handbags and other handcraft items are exhibited. Prof. Huang explained that all those crafts are hand-made without help of any machinery or tools. Students were amazed by this beautiful Chinese handcraft, which is one of the Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritages chosen by UNESCO. In the CI offices and library, students were very interested in the Confucius Stature, the Giant Panda, and Sichuan Opera Masks, and Reproductions of Bronze Masks and Gold Phoenix flying around the Sun, which were important archaeological discoveries in San Xin Dui and Golden Sand Relics, Sichuan’s world known pre-historical myth in the early Su Kingdom.

The highlight of their visit is the Chinese class given by Prof. Jim Hargett from the Department of East Asian Studies. As a very experienced language teacher, he understand that students have some difficulties in learning the Tones of Chinese words’ pronunciation. He taught students how to overcome this difficulty by connecting it to English theme, and asking students to imitate after him. At the end of the class, he told the story of how he began to study Chinese and the Chinese history, inspiring students to study hard.

CI provided some teaching materials to the Chinese Language teacher, and gave a red Chinese Knot to every visitor as a gift for blessing. Students were extremely happy with what they had learned during this wonderful visit, and some of them plan to attend UAlbany in the near future.