confucius institute

The Making of Think Tanks in China

Date 日期: Thursday, April 23, 2015 Time 时间: 5:45p.m.—7:15p.m.
Location 地点: Humanities Building 109 (HU109)
Presenter: Dejun Cao, PhD
* This seminar will be conducted in English.
* Snacks and light refreshment will be served at the event.

Think Tanks (智库) play critical roles in a country’s economy, foreign policy, technological strategy, cultural development and many other areas. At our April Seminar, Dr. Cao Dejun will give a presentation on the topic of “The Making of Think Tanks in China.” Dr. Cao will take you through the history of think tanks in China from 2,500 years ago to the present day. This seminar will closely examine this important decision-making and consultation mechanism. Dr. Cao will also analyze the current situation for the formation of the think tanks in China, discussing existing problems and their possible solutions.

This seminar presents a different perspective on Chinese culture, history, and modern society.