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Strategies for Teaching Chinese Vocab to Build Solid Foundation of Communication 中文词汇的教学策略

Saturday, July 18, 2020, 7:00pm-10:00pm EST (美东时间)
Ruth, Daihao Tang 唐代豪, Chinese Instructional Coach, International Leadership of Texas
This training will be hosted through the online Zoom meeting, we will send the Zoom meeting link and other details to registered persons’ email.

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Evening Session:

Strategies for Teaching Chinese Vocab to Build Solid Foundation of Communication

您是否纳闷,为什么上个星期,甚至两天前才学过的生词/句子,学生就忘得一干二净?我们教啦,学生学啦,但却不记得了。我们能做什么去培养学生沟通的能力? 他们记得住生词/单字或句子吗? 如何增进他们的记忆力呢? 如果他们连生词都不记得,怎么可能说出句子呢? 我们可以怎么办呢? 这个主题将帮助您,能有目标,有效地教生词,增长学生的记忆力。

Have you ever wondered how come students forgot the vocab or sentence structure learned last week or even two days ago so easily? We taught, they learned but forgot. What can we do to build up students’ communicative ability? Do they remember the vocabulary or sentences? How to improve their retention of what they just learned? If they do not have the vocabulary, how can they produce a sentence? What can we do about this situation? This session will build your ability to teach vocabulary purposefully and effectively.

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Ruth, Daihao Tang has been a full-time Chinese Instructional Coach at International Leadership of Texas Charter School (ILTexas) since 2016, supporting 72 Chinese teachers district-wide at Dallas/Fort Worth. She has nine years of teaching Chinese experience in the United States since 2007. Three years in a Chinese heritage weekend school, one year in a middle school and five years in high schools with a full experience of teaching all levels of Chinese, Chinese I, II, III, Pre-AP II, III, and AP Chinese. She got her M.A. in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling from Azusa Pacific University (CA) and a B.A. in Chinese Literature from Providence University (Taiwan). She is one of the presenters at ACTFL, NCLC, Region X, CLTA-TX, and the lead instructor of the 2019 STARTALK Student Program in KC, MO.

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