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Conference Theme

Since China launched its economic reform in the late 1970s, China has experienced profound transformation with unprecedented scale and speed. With neck-breaking double-digit economic growth for more than three decades, the Chinese economy has been transformed from a centrally planned economy to a market oriented economy that is central to the global economy. Meanwhile, China has experienced rapid urbanization, transforming from an agrarian society to an urban society with more than half of the population living in cities today. In addition to serving as the engine of the economy, this ongoing urban revolution is also transforming the life style and social norms in China, with more than 700 million of urban citizens.

In recent years, China has been experiencing the so-called “new normal” – slowing down of the Chinese economy, which calls for another economic transformation from high speed growth driven by exports and infrastructure investment to slower but more sustainable growth powered by domestic consumption. At the same time, the government has launched a National Plan of New Urbanization in 2014 to mitigate the socio-economic and environmental problems resulted from rapid growth in previous decades and to further deepen urbanization.

Within this context, prominent scholars are invited to a two-day conference to conduct in-depth analysis and discussion of the transformation and impact of the Chinese urban economy. Topics that will be discussed include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • What are the unique processes and dynamics of the transformation of the Chinese urban economy?
  • What are the impact of the Chinese urban economy and its recent transformation?
  • How do we assess the transformation and impact of the Chinese urban economy?
  • How relevant is the transformation in China to the rest of the world? Is there a China Model?
  • How does the transformation in China contribute to the theoretical understanding of the transitional economy?
  • What is the theoretical significance of urban development in China?
  • How sustainable is the Chinese urban economy?
  • How can urban planning and policies facilitate the transformation of Chinese urban economy?
  • ……