confucius institute
The 2ND Chinese Teacher Leadership School

Teaching Chinese in the United States

A Seminar on Teaching Practices for Aspiring Educators

Date: April 29, 2017

*Continental breakfast and lunch will be provided for this event. Parking pass will be provided to off-campus
  visitors upon request.


On Saturday, April 29, 2017, the Confucius institute at SUNY will host a professional development series in teaching
Chinese at the Clarkson University Capital Region Campus in Schenectady, New York. This seminar will provide
opportunity for local Chinese language teachers and the people who are interested in teaching Chinese at American
schools. The four experts will share their own thoughts about the teaching methods on Chinese language elements,
such as teaching Chinese Characters, grammar and focusing on the pedagogical strategies to engage Chinese language
learners in the classroom. The goal will be to promote teaching effectiveness and language proficiency for students.
At the same time, the seminar will also discuss the selection of the textbooks to match the classroom instruction to
align with instructional objectives and goals.