Cutting-Edge Research with an Impact

Life-enhancing research environment is another of CCI’s great strengths.

Research Grants

Faculty Research

  • In Computer Science, basic and applied research by faculty members spans the disciplines, dealing with topics from artificial intelligence to data mining, to software validation.
  • In Informatics, research topics range from computer science and technology to business, education, geology, physics, sociology, social welfare and even music. All doctoral students must conduct original research. They should begin thinking about their broad research topic and begin discussing it with the faculty as early as possible.
  • Information Studies covers a wide range of topics, from research methods and statistics to human-computer interactions to multimedia organization and retrieval.

Related Research Centers

Students may broaden their experience with real-world applications through any of four related research centers:

  • Center for Financial Market Regulation (CFMR) a cooperative project of the financial services industry, regulatory organizations, and major law firms with the University at Albany and Albany Law School. The Center oversees an undergraduate major and minor in Financial Market Regulation at the University at Albany and graduate and legal education in financial market regulation at the University at Albany and Albany Law School. The program is designed to graduate students who are capable of responding in sophisticated, flexible ways to current developments in financial markets, whether in entry-level professional practice or in graduate and law school. The Center also contributes to the theory and practice of financial market regulation through research connecting academic researchers’ specialized training with professionals’ knowledge and experience, engaging live issues facing regulators and supervisors.
  • Center for Information Forensics and Assurance (CIFA) A joint project of UAlbany and New York State, the Center focuses on training and educating citizens and public employees in information privacy, security, and assets and infrastructure protection. The Center emulates the classic teaching/research hospital, where educational cases based on real problems allow students and practitioners to hone their skills under expert guidance. The Center is affiliated with the Department of Computer Science.
  • Center for Technology in Government (CTG) The Center conducts applied research and partnership projects on the policy, management, and technology issues surrounding information use in the public sector. Research areas include e-government, inter-organizational knowledge networks, electronic records, and digital government.
  • Center for Policy Research (CPR) This center, at the Nelson A. Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy, is the primary focus for public policy research and analysis within the University community. It aims to improve policy processes and decision-making at all levels of government.
  • Institute for Informatics, Logics and Security Studies (ILS) ILS is a multi-disciplinary organization conducting advanced research in various aspects of computational informatics. The Institute's mission is to increase the University at Albany's reputation and visibility as a center of excellence in information technology research and education.

Student Research

Conducting research is a vital part of coursework for both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Students work with professors, or advisers, to design research projects that will advance their studies. The four related research centers provide real world case studies to help both students and practitioners improve their abilities.