Online Events Calendar

The Online Events Calendar is one of the more popular pages on UAlbany’s web site. It receives roughly 3,400 internal and external visits each month. The calendar provides a thorough list of campus events which can be filtered to view by day or topic.

Events can be added by any University faculty or staff. Once submitted, it must be approved by your department’s calendar manager before appearing online.

What You Need to Know

Internal and external

Lead time:
Allow six (6) to eight (8) weeks prior to event

Where to submit info/contact:

How to Get Started

Before submitting an event, be sure to follow these steps:

  • Check to see if the event has already been entered on the calendar
  • Use descriptive event titles (e.g. Music Lecture Series vs. Lecture)
  • Provide information that will explain your event to someone who knows absolutely nothing about it
  • Do not include locations and times in the description field
  • Provide a URL which links to additional information, whenever possible

Submit an Event

To add an event to the University’s Online Events Calendar, first navigate to the calendar and click “Submit an Event.” Next:

  • Log into Bedework using your University username and password
  • Select “Add an Event”
  • Fill out event information form
  • Click submit