Where to Go to Get Things Done

Advising/Registration for the next semester

Signup sheets for appointments are located outside of SS 351 and are available approximately 3 weeks prior to general advanced registration. Make an appointment. Come to your appointment. Receive your AVN and permission numbers for upper-level communication courses (COM 300-499) of interest. Lower-level courses (COM 100-299) do not need permission numbers for online registration, but you must come to advisement to receive your AVN. Register with MyUAlbany when you’re scheduled.

If registration has started and you missed your appointment, you must make an advisement appointment with our Undergraduate Studies Advisor in order to get your AVN and permission numbers.  Please sign up for an appointment through the new (as of Spring 2017) online EAB system. Be sure to select Department Advising with advisor Lindsey St. Clair. Walk-in appointments will not be seen. This system is not active during our pre-registration time. You are welcome to make an appointment at any time an opening is available throughout the semester. Instructions.

Here are some helpful forms and links:

Undergraduate Bulletin
Course descriptions
Communication checklist
Communication MAP   (updated 2018)
How to register for classes
Schedule of classes
Support courses
New procedures for upper-level classes/how to add a closed class (in effect beginning Spring 2015)


Part-time and full-time internship opportunities are available.

Prof. William Husson, SS 363, 442-4872, whusson@albany.edu

Honors Program

The Honors Program for Communication majors is designed to provide opportunities for the most talented and well-motivated students to work closely with each other and with the faculty. You may apply for admission at any point during a semester and may reapply if rejected after the close of that semester or thereafter. Decisions of the Honors Committee on admission are final and not subject to review or appeal.

Prof. Piotr Szpunar, SS 365, 518-442-4882, pszpunar@albany.edu

BA/MA Program

The BA/MA Program in Rhetoric and Communication provides an opportunity for students of recognized academic ability and educational maturity to fulfill integrated requirements of undergraduate and master's degree programs from the beginning of the junior year. The program provides an integrated and focused curriculum in communication that allows the upper-level student exposure to advanced knowledge in theory and substantive areas as well as opportunities for participation in research.

Prof. Archana Krishnan, SS 371, 518-442-3239, akrishnan@albany.edu   

International Study/Study Abroad

The University at Albany has more than 50 study abroad programs in 25 countries. Add to that the offerings by the SUNY stystem and this number expands to 300 programs in 50 countries.

Prof. Michael Barberich, SS 367, 518-442-4877, mbarberich@albany.edu

Official Department Undergraduate Information

The undergraduate pages are regularly updated with department announcements and advisement information.

Lambda Pi Eta (Communication Honor Society)

Lambda Pi Eta (LPH) is the official communication studies honor society of the National Communication Association (NCA). LPH has more than 400 active chapters at four-year colleges and universities worldwide.

Prof. Michael Barberich, SS 367, 518-442-4877, mbarberich@albany.edu

Other questions

Main office: 518-442-4871, Communication@albany.edu

Prof. Alan Zemel, Undergraduate Studies Director, 518-442-4883, azemel@albany.edu

Prof. Annis Golden, Dept. Chair, 518-442-4879, agolden@albany.edu

Ms. M. Monica Bartoszek, Administrative Manager, 518-591-8628, mbartoszek@albany.edu

Ms. Lindsey St. Clair, Undergraduate Studies Advisor, 518-442-4875, lstclair@albany.edu