Considering an M.A. in Communication? Read what some of our graduates say about our program:

Jordan Carleo-Evangelist, M.A. '16

Director of Media & Community Relations
University at Albany

Jordan Carleo-Evangelist“I chose this program because I wanted to study something that 1) was relevant to my career at the time as a newspaper reporter covering government and politics, 2) would prepare me for life after newspapers in a field that interested me and 3) would allow me to continue to work full time while doing it. All three of those were critical. But it’s important to stress that if No. 3 was not fulfilled, the first two really would not have mattered. I needed to continue to work full time, and one of the really great things about my experience in the program at UAlbany was that it provided me the flexibility to work during the day and go to class at night at a cost that, frankly, was affordable on a newspaper reporter’s salary. I looked at a lot of programs, but UAlbany was the only one that offered that. That’s not to say the best thing about the program was its flexibility and value, but it was an absolutely necessary component for me. Something that sets UAlbany apart in this market: Good programs that are flexible and affordable

“Academically and professionally, the program did two really important things for me. First, it helped build important connections between aspects of communication that I had learned by experience and the conceptual and theoretical mechanisms behind them. As someone working daily in the media, that made me better at my job by empowering me to do it in a way that was more mindful of the larger forces at work. Second, the political communication program, and its emphasis on the nexus between communication and advocacy, really opened my eyes to the ways that I could apply the skills that I had learned working in media, combined with the knowledge I was learning in grad school, to other industries and professions. It turns out that I got a new job about six months before I completed the program. There’s no doubt in my mind that I would not have gotten it had I not been enrolled in (and nearly finished with) this program. I understood media and, thanks to my studies at the UAlbany, the role the media plays in persuasion and shaping public opinion. I believe that’s why I was hired, and that’s not something I would have been able to do without the political communication program at UAlbany.”

William Peat, M.A. '10

Public Information Officer
NYS Dept. Homeland Security

William Peat

“Earning a Master’s Degree in Communications at the University of Albany was one of the most rewarding achievements of my life. I am always trying to learn how to communicate better, and to learn how people from different cultures and experiences can resolve their differences through communication. From the very first class at the University at Albany, I knew that I chose the right place to earn my degree. I immediately found myself working alongside a gifted group of teachers, mentors, and students who encouraged and helped me when I needed it most. My academic experience at the University at Albany stimulated my passion for studying human interaction and opened doors to new areas of research and understanding. Any student who wishes to embark on a career in communications should contact the University at Albany’s Communications Department today – it will change your life.”

Mark LaVigne, M.A. '01, Ph.D. '17

Deputy Director
NYS Association of Counties

Mark LaVigne“I chose University at Albany because they had a program that focused on political communication, and when I switched jobs several years ago, I was able to change my focus to organizational communication. I stayed with organizational communication and through my Master’s and PhD program.

“My classes, research, and degrees have been tremendous assets in understanding why and how people organize and collaborate. Collaborations are everywhere today, in business, advocacy work, public policy, and in the association world. Being able to predict, plan for, and respond to challenges and key success factors have helped me navigate many different collaborative environments. Ultimately, my ability to bring value to the different positions I have held over the years has helped me achieve my personal and career goals. My academic pursuits and milestones have helped me bring that value.

“I started my graduate classwork several years ago, when I was just starting my career and my family. Last year, in May 2017, I earned my PhD the same month that my oldest son graduated with his Bachelor’s degree from the University at Albany. We graduated together. My graduate degrees were marathons, not sprints, but I had a full-time career and helped raise three kids during that marathon. If you are thinking about studying communication, stop thinking and enroll in a class. Read the assignments, participate in the discussions, and write the papers. That’s the best way to know if this program is right for you.”

Linsey Marchione, M.A. '16

Data Analyst
St. Peter’s Health Partners

Linsey Marchione“I knew I wanted to stay at UAlbany because it is such a valuable and affordable resource. But I was looking for a different approach to health care, something that would help me better understand patients and their needs. Communication was an unexpected fit.

“Working and taking evening classes at the same time was a huge advantage. I was able to apply what I learned in the classroom directly to my job at the hospital, and my boss took notice.”
“I definitely did what I set out to do — see my profession from a different perspective and make deeper personal connections. I produced good work, made great connections and accomplished things I didn’t think possible in two years. It was a worthwhile experience.”