Piotr Szpunar

Piotr SzpunarPh.D. in Communication and Political Science
at the University of Pennsylvania
Assistant Professor

Teaching and Research Areas: Concepts of identity, conflict and media; work deals with difference, representation, collective memory, and critical/communication theory.

Office: SS 365
Phone: 518-442-4882
Email: pszpunar@Albany.edu

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

I am currently working on two projects. First, completing a book on the deployment of identity constructs in communicating the enemy in the context of the homegrown terrorism (NYU Press, 2017). The monograph historicizes, examines and theorizes the relationship between the uses of media in counterterrorism, the play of difference in constructions of threat, and notions of belonging and citizenship in contemporary America. The second is on the concept of “collective future thought” which focuses on how groups imagine, project or apprehend the “yet to transpire” in and through media (new and old) and to what effect.

Other manuscripts in various stages of development focus on:

• The relationship between new media and the prosecution of terrorism in US courts
• Theorizations of internet radicalization
• The identity politics of ISIS

Broader research interests fall in the categories of:

• Communication and Culture
• Communication and Critical Theory
• Political Communication
• Popular Communication