Our Graduates

Prior to 2009, students could earn a Ph.D. in Sociology/Communication. In 2009, the Department launched its own independent Ph.D. program. Today students earn their Ph.D. as a Doctor of Philosophy in Communication.

Our graduates:

Spring 2017

Mark LaVigne
Dissertation: “Constructing the Municipal Innovation Exchange (MIX): How an interorganizational network of local government associations contested passage of a proposed property tax freeze.”
Dissertation Advisor: Dr. Matthew Matsaganis

Fall 2016

Crystal Brandow
Dissertation: “From MyPlate to McTeacher’s Night: A Communication-Centered and Ecological Investigation of Nutrition Education in Middle School.”
Dissertation Advisor: Dr. Matthew Matsaganis

Spring 2014

Muriel Scott
Dissertatione: “ 'I’m a Home Health Aide, Not a Home Health Maid’: An Analysis of How Home Health Aides Talk About and Interpret Their Role”
Dissertation Advisor: Dr. Annis Golden