Planning Your Studies

Class schedules

To track your progress in the program, fill out the Course Checklist Form that you received when you started the program. If you do not have that form, you can obtain one in the Department of Communication or on the Web in Adobe Acrobat format. As requirements in the program have changed over the years, make sure you have the appropriate form for the year you were admitted to the program:  

Every new MA student needs to be advised prior to registering. When your advisor approves the course selection, he or she will give the student an Advisement Verification Number (AVN). online registration at MyUAlbany. You are encouraged to explore the services provided on MyUAlbany, including the tutorials and FAQs available on the main page If you have questions that are not answered there, please contact the ITS help desk at (518) 442-3700.

Every continuing MA student needs an AVN for online registration. The procedure for obtaining an AVN is as follows: the student contacts his/her advisor to work out the next semester's plan. The advisor forwards the request to the Department who releases AVNs and permission numbers for the approved classes.