Careers for M.A. Graduates

 In general, an MA degree in Communication helps develop expertise and experience in analyzing and improving communication in particular professional and interpersonal settings. Such expertise has applicability in a wide variety of careers. The path followed by each graduate thus depends on the student's own interests, goals, and creativity about opportunities. Some of our graduates begin careers, or change to a new career, as a result of their graduate work. Others use their graduate studies to upgrade their competence and competitiveness in their existing careers.

Graduates of the Department of Communication MA program have pursued careers in human resources, lobbying, college administration, fund-raising, radio programming, executive training, public information, sales, management consulting, public relations, advertising, state agency administration, television production, and internal communication in not-for-profit, governmental, and business organizations. Some have college teaching or advisement positions. Others have gone on to law school, or to work on their doctorates in Communication or Information Sciences.

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