Certificate of Graduate Study in Communication

The Certificate of Graduate Study in Communication is a 12 credit (4 three-credit courses) Masters level program with two possible concentrations, Strategic Communication or Organizational Communication. The Certificate is offered completely online.

Click here for link to certificate program flyerThis program is intended to position jobseekers competitively in comparison to bachelors-only individuals and to demonstrate a commitment to professional development for individuals who are already in the workplace and help to position them for advancement. In addition, the certificate is fully transferrable into the Department’s Masters of Arts program, and can therefore serve as a bridge to that program for students who wish to pursue a more advanced educational credential.

The Certificate offers a blend of theoretical and applied study to prepare participants for the challenges of an ever-changing global society, and to function effectively as communication leaders. The Certificate brings diverse theories and methods to engaging with communication problems and opportunities generated by new technologies and an increasingly interdependent, pluralistic society.

Courses in the Certificate offer opportunities to utilize new communication technologies; however, the Certificate is not primarily designed to teach participants specific technical skills. Specific technologies are constantly changing; graduate course work in Communication at the University at Albany is designed to provide students with an understanding of the dynamics of human communication that will serve them as managers and designers of communication processes, in addition to carrying out communication strategies.

Concentration requirements are fulfilled by selecting 3 courses from one of the two core groupings, and 1 additional course (either from the core grouping that the student has declared, or from the other concentration grouping, or as advised).

Organizational Communication Concentration Courses
COM620 Communicating Globally
COM652 Interactions in Institutional Contexts
COM655 Communication, Work & Organization Life
COM664 Corporate Communication

Strategic Communication Concentration Courses
COM600 Understanding Data in Strategic Communication (COM659 in Fall 2019)
COM628 New Media & Engagement
COM640 Risk & Crisis Communication in the Public Interest
COM660 Digital & Social Media in Strategic Communication

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