Annis Golden

My research focuses on how individuals negotiate their relationships with organizations, including both employee-employer relationships, and healthcare consumer-healthcare provider relationships. I am particularly interested in how these processes are shaped by new information and communication technologies.

Overcoming Barriers to African American Women’s Reproductive Healthcare Seeking

African American women suffer significant disparities in disease incidence and health outcomes in relation to reproductive health, including HIV/AIDS, STIs, breast and cervical cancer. Small towns and cities, home to increasing numbers of African American women, present unique contextual challenges for reproductive health promotion: limited numbers of reproductive healthcare providers, difficulty in traveling to and from providers’ locations, and privacy concerns, in addition to lack of knowledge about preventive reproductive healthcare, and fear of discovering a health problem, which are faced by low income African American women more generally. This study will evaluate the impact of community-based education and transportation interventions on healthcare seeking, with the goal of identifying effective health promotion strategies that can be reproduced in similar settings and improving women’s health.

Communication Among Healthcare Providers and Families of Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injuries in a Rehabilitation Setting

The project’s goal is to arrive at a better understanding of the range of problems that staff and families encounter in their interactions, and to identify interactional resources that might be useful in resolving them. The study will combine analysis of conversational interactions between staff and families with analysis of follow-up interviews.