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Laboratory members are engaged in data analysis.


The Cognition and Language Laboratory consists of 4 separate rooms within the Department of Psychology, at the University at Albany. These laboratory spaces are located on the third floor of the Social Sciences Building on the UAlbany campus.

In addition to housing graduate and undergraduate research assistants, the Laboratory contains seven separate running areas for data collection with experimental participants. Computers are typically equipped with updated versions of Windows, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), and other packages that are typically used for the collection and analysis of data, including SPSS, R, and SigmaPlot. In addition, the latest versions of E-Prime and SuperLab are in use for the design and implementation of computer-generated experiments. The Laboratory has a long-standing reputation of maintaining an up-to-date cadre of hardware and software, and the possibility of acquiring additional resources whenever needed for the advancement of its research objectives.


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