UASBIG History

The founding of the University at Albany School of Business Investment Group (UASBIG) marked the beginning of a new chapter for the University at Albany, creating an unprecedented and unique learning experience for students interested in security analysis and portfolio management. Matthew Alfieri, Vincent Cisternino, and Michael Reynolds (then business majors enrolled in the Financial Analyst Program, Class of 2008), drafted the initial business plan for the group. With their dedication and unbridled ambition to make the idea come to fruition, and with the help of then School of Business Dean Paul Leonard, as well as notable alumnus and University at Albany Foundation Director Gary Jacobson, the group received a $100,000 endowment from the University at Albany Foundation.

The founders set the bar high: the first UASBIG analyst class selected was made up of nine of the thirty candidates who applied for membership. The group has grown enormously and now consists of over thirty members. The members come from many different age groups, backgrounds, and academic concentrations. However, all members seem to share some common traits: passion for the field of finance, strong academic track record, desire to learn about equity markets, security analysis, and the broader economy, as well as a strong desire to succeed.