University at Albany

Urban Edge

A New York State College Access Challenge Grant was awarded to Trinity Alliance and the Capital South Campus Center (CSCC) by the Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC).

This three-year grant is designed promote post-secondary educational achievement of individuals residing in high need communities by offering the following services:

  • Conducting individual assessments by on-site educational coordinators to help students develop individualized education plans.
  • Connecting potential students with classroom instruction and other educational opportunities.
  • Collaborating with post-secondary partners including HVCC, SCCC, and SUNY-Polytechnic, to host college courses.
  • Providing informational workshops on subjects related to post-secondary enrollment and completion such as FAFSA form completion and computer literacy.
  • Providing or coordinating childcare, employment, and emotional support services.

Evaluation & Research

The Center for Human Services Research (CHSR) is serving as the data coordinator and evaluator of Urban Edge. CHSR researchers are coordinating with an information technology specialist to develop a data system and create a set of operational procedures to track student program participation, use of support services, college course enrollment, and educational outcomes. CHSR will use this data system to monitor the progress of the CSCC in meeting the established sponsor reporting requirements. These requirements include tracking the number of individuals contacted by the CSCC through their outreach efforts, documenting the number of students that the CSCC helped to develop an individualized education plan, and establishing the number of returning post-secondary students assisted by the CSCC who subsequently received college credit. CHSR will also aid the CSCC by measuring student satisfaction with the CSCC's support services and by tracking the students' use of support services and their substantive impact on desired educational outcomes.

Contact: Chris Rees