The role of DMAC is to facilitate your research. We can assist you with issues that you may encounter with respect to data collection, preparation (importing, merging, and cleaning data), analysis (implementing statistical tests), and results (understanding the formatting of the output). 

We provide short-term support (up to 3 hours per project) in the form of advice in the following areas:

  • Research project planning: study design and tools
  • Research data processing / cleaning
  • Selection and interpretation of statistical methods
  • Research data visualization

The role of the Survey Research Center is to facilitate the technical aspects of your survey design and research needs. We can assist you with issues that you may encounter with respect to the practicalities of digital survey design (survey logics, survey flow, distributions, capturing and using embedded data, etc.)

Types of assistance not covered by our service:   

  • Tutoring and general inquiries about methodology and survey topics
  • Coursework
  • Assistance with projects of commercial nature or those involving classified information, non-disclosure agreements, related to or likely to be involved in litigation, etc.

Please Note: Our role in consulting support is to assist you with your research, rather than to conduct your research for you. If you would like to contract with us to take a deeper role in your funded research project, please read about our Research Partnerships.


Specifically, we can provide help with:

Data Preparation

  • Work with the documentation and codebooks to explain how the data is organized;
  • Copy files from one computer system or storage medium to another;
  • Extract subsets from large files;
  • Merge data;
  • Convert data among the standard formats used when working with data.

Data Collection

  • Designing experiments and surveys

Working with Data

  • Give pointers to appropriate techniques using examples, and a library of sample programs;
  • Explain program language syntax;
  • Advise on data manipulation techniques related to supported software & tools;
  • Provide assistance in understanding and solving coding errors.
  • Statistical support for research and grant proposals
  • Selecting the most appropriate statistical analyses and their implementation
  • Interpreting analyses and summarizing findings
  • Reviewing method sections for manuscripts
  • Understanding methods used in published research
  • Preparing for presentations, committee meetings, and conferences

Acknowledging Us

To aid us in tracking the impact of our consulting service, we ask that you include a short acknowledgement in your publications and/or talks. You may wish to amend the following text to reflect the type of support you received.

“Data and/or statistical support was provided by data science specialist (consultant names), at the Data Management and Analytics Center, University at Albany.



For more information, please contact us at:

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Phone: (518) 442-5762
Fax: (518) 442-5732

Email: [email protected]

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Fax: (518) 442-5732
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