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Located on the UAlbany Downtown Campus, DMAC aims to strengthen research on campus by assisting scholars with accessing, managing and analyzing data. Our services include assistance with developing research designs and data management plans, offering analytic expertise, and conferring on survey development and dissemination. DMAC offers research support to the UAlbany community through consulting, informational resources (workshops, training, instructional materials), and funded research partnerships. 

As part of DMAC, the Survey Research Center (SRC) has expertise in all aspects of survey work: establishing survey objectives, identifying the study population and key concepts in operational terms, selecting methods of sampling, instrument design and testing, data collection, and analysis.


DMAC grew from the work of the Center for Human Services Research (CHSR), which was established in 1991 to conduct evaluation research and design information systems to inform policymakers and service providers. CHSR is currently a university-wide research center under the Office of the Vice President for Research, and supports an interdisciplinary team of over 35 staff, faculty, and graduate students with sophisticated research, technical, and management skills. Project areas include children and family services, children's mental health, economic and community development, education and early childhood development, health behavior and services, and youth development and juvenile justice.

In 2019, CHSR researchers noted a need among University faculty, staff, and graduate students for technical assistance and data management support which fell outside the CHSR core mission of human services evaluation. Interviews with faculty and staff highlighted particular areas of demand for data services. In collaboration with University ITS and the University libraries, CHSR launched DMAC as a university-wide resource.


DMAC supports UAlbany researchers, faculty, and students with a spectrum of resources for working with data to make your research successful. Our mission is to build data capacity in the UAlbany community by providing technical assistance and resources to faculty, staff, and student researchers at various stages of the research data lifecycle.

The Survey Research Center (SRC) is a state-of-the-art survey organization that works with researchers at UAlbany and elsewhere to fulfill a broad range of data collection needs. The SRC provides survey services using Qualtrics, a tool for creating and analyzing web-based surveys for research, teaching, and administrative needs.  

Strategic Goals

  • Disseminate resources on data management and analytics to the UAlbany research community
  • Increase applications and funded projects
  • Enhance the capacity of UA faculty and researchers to conduct rigorous studies
  • Introduce new courses and workshops
  • Impact more users in more disciplines
  • Maintain new website with more dynamic content
  • Build & Coordinate a broader community of UAlbany data users

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