Faculty MemberCharletta Robinson

Graduate Assistant

E-mail: crobinson@albany.edu
Telephone: (518)442-5761

Specialization: : Micro Work with adolescents (career/college preparation and study skills)

Kinship Navigator County Collaboration Project Evaluation

Charletta is currently working on the Kinship Navigator County Collaboration Project, assisting with instrument development and data analysis for evaluation purposes. She received her Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Social Welfare from UAlbany. As a Social Worker and Program Coordinator for a large foster and child care organization in NYC, her work focused on preparing urban adolescents emerging from foster care, advocacy and mentoring, motivational speaking and program evaluation. Currently a Doctoral Candidate in UAlbany’s Social Welfare program her research is centered on increasing African American urban adolescent males educational attainment rates. Through the use of qualitative research especially case studies, drug dealing in urban areas of color and theories of the environment, social learning and its effect on behavior will be further explored. She has also developed interactive curriculums for 3 youth programs that focused on decision making, study skills, self esteem and high school preparation.