Faculty Member

Ben Simmons


E-mail: brsimmons@albany.edu

Front-end Web Page Design, .NET Programming, Database Design, REST API Integration, Microsoft Azure Utilization

Healthy Families New York
Healthy Families New Jersey

Ben began his career at CHSR as an intern, working with the IT Development team. Shortly after the internship ended, Ben was hired to continue his work with the IT Development team on the NYTD Information System and survey application. Once hired, Ben expanded his work to encompass several CHSR projects such as the Healthy Families New York Management Information System and the Healthy Families New Jersey Management Information System. In addition to creating new features for these systems and ensuring they run properly, he also helped to convert an existing system from VB.NET to C# for better longevity. His experience and skills are focused on full-stack development for ASP.NET web applications.

Ben received his Associate’s degree in Computer Information Systems from Hudson Valley Community College in 2016 and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology with a focus in Web & Mobile Programming from Liberty University in 2018.