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Spring for Hope Evaluation

Evaluation and Research

The evaluation is designed to assess how effectively Spring for Hope meets the following established goals:
• To provide families the opportunity to spend quality time together and as adults to enjoy one another’s company in a low stress, financially reasonable, and constructive manner.
• Family members leave and feel like they are closer as a family and they have learned some self-assessment skills that will assist them as they move forward.
• To provide all participants with additional tools to take home to manage the stress and challenges of military service and reintegration.
• To meet like-minded individuals with whom to share experiences and gain knowledge. CHSR surveyed Spring for Hope attendees at the time of retreat check-in and six months after the retreat. Limited information was also taken from retreat registration forms. Respondents provided demographic data, information about the activities they participated in, and whether and in what ways they felt the retreat experience benefitted them and their families.

Contact: Dr. Sandra McGinnis