Nural Widyaningrum

Graduate Assistant

Telephone: (518) 442-5731


Urban Planning

Albany County Equity Agenda

Nurul Widyaningrum joined CHSR in 2018 as a Graduate Assistant. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Bandung Institute of Technology in Indonesia and master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, both in the field of urban planning. She is currently a doctoral candidate at the School of Social Welfare, University at Albany. Her dissertation explores employment trajectories among Indonesian women and identifies demographic and sociocultural factors associated with various trajectories, as well as the outcome of the trajectories to women’s wellbeing. This study employs the longitudinal panel Indonesian Family Life Survey dataset that follows over 30,000 individuals in about 10,000 households over 20 years. Nurul’s research interests include decent employment and small enterprises development with a gender perspective. These interests were shaped during her thirteen years of working experience as a researcher – and later as the director – of AKATIGA Foundation, an Indonesian nonprofit think-tank focusing on social issues. Her research skills include both qualitative and quantitative methods.

At CHSR, Nurul is currently involved in the Albany County Equity Agenda.

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