Susan Ehrhard-Dietzel, CHSR Research Scientist, published in The Social Ecology of Resilience: A Handbook of Theory and Practice

DuMont, Kimberly, Susan Ehrhard-Dietzel, and Kristen Kirkland (2011). Averting child maltreatment: Individual, economic, social, and community resources. In Michael Ungar (Ed.) The social ecology of resilience: A handbook of theory and practice. NY: Springer.

Understanding resilience as an ecological construct, the authors show that a mother’s parenting behaviors help nurture the healthy development of her child and protect the child from maltreatment. They also argue that to this parent–child understanding of resilience must be added a more contextualized appreciation for the child-rearing environment that influences the ability of caregivers to nurture their children. Reporting on a study with a sample of mothers who face a great deal of adversity and were at risk of neglecting or abusing their children, the chapter identifies which factors are likely to predict poor outcomes and who defines the nature of risk.