University at Albany

Community Nutrition Assessment

CHSR is working with Glens Falls Hospital as part of a Department of Creating Healthy Places to Live, Work and Play.

This initiative promotes healthy lifestyles and reductions in obesity and type 2 diabetes for New York communities by:

• Increasing the availability and accessibility of places to be physically active.
• Creating and maintaining community landscapes conducive to physical activity, such as playgrounds and walking trails.
• Increasing the availability and accessibility of fresh fruits and vegetables.
• Increasing the healthful quality of foods offered for sale at local restaurants and corner stores.

Evaluation and Research

CHSR’s role is to conduct focus groups and surveys of residents of Washington and Warren Counties to collect data about the challenges they face in eating healthy foods. Glens Falls Hospital will use this information to develop an intervention to attempt to increase consumption of healthy foods, particularly fruits and vegetables. Three focus groups have been conducted and 500 in-person surveys are being administered in Fall 2013.

Contact: Sarah Rain