Chemistry Faculty

John W. Delano

Ph.D., Stony Brook University, 1977

Earth Science 313
Phone: (518) 442-4479

Research Interests:

My research deals with environments on the early Earth (bombardment history; composition of atmosphere during the Hadean era), and how those environments influenced the emergence of sustainable life on this planet. This work dealing with the bombardment history involves chemical isotopic analyses of impact-produced glasses collected during the Apollo missions to the Moon.

Information about the composition of the volcanic gasses that entered the Archean/Hadean atmosphere relies on the chemical behavior of transition elements (e.g., Cr, V) as recorded by the whole-rock compositions of basaltic-to-komatiitic rocks erupted on the Earth through time.

In addition, an emerging area of research deals with Jurassic environments as recorded in the geochemical compositions of sedimentary rocks in the Hartford Basin (Connecticut).

Professional Societies

  • Geochemical Society.
  • Geological Society of America.
  • American Chemical Society.
  • Sigma Xi.
  • Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society (Distinguished Member)

I Practice what I Preach

My family lives in rural setting not far from the UAlbany campus where we are trying to use our professional knowledge of the environment to live a "greener" life-style (i.e., practice what we preach). To that end, we have (a) installed 3.2 kilowatts [kW] of solar panels for generating ~40% of our annual home electrical energy usage, (b) installed a solar thermal system for generating most of our domestic hot water that should displace ~2000 kWh of electrical energy annually, (c) purchase the remainder of our electrical energy from renewable sources, specifically wind, that is option available to all electric rate-payers in New York State, and (d) participate in an ambitious recyling campaign that has cut the volume of our domestic waste by nearly 75%. We host visits to our home by undergraduate students majoring in Environmental Science and by students belonging to the University's Honors College to illustrate our initiatives at trying to live in a more environmentally responsible manner. Although we have a long way to go before the goal of living sustainably is met, my family has begun the journey and continues to make progress.