Graduate Program in Chemistry

Thank you for your interest in the Chemistry Graduate Program at UAlbany!

Chemistry is the study of the microscopic world comprising atoms and molecules, from simple diatomic molecules to nucleic acids and proteins. Our mission is to discover these molecules in nature and the chemical rules by which these molecules exist and interact; we also want to design and create new molecules that may not exist in nature. You are here to do research and explore the creative potential you have.

In doing research, you will not only experience the exhilaration that comes with discovery, but also acquire professional skills for a variety of future career paths. More importantly, you learn how to become an independent scientist, capable of identifying problems of significance, and developing approaches to solving these problems in chemistry with the necessary technical skills. UAlbany Chemistry is a great place to pursue graduate study!

Below are several links to help you with your interests in our graduate program and/or your needs in graduate research and education.

For prospective graduate students, please visit the Graduate Application webpage for the application procedure, deadlines and financial support opportunities.

For current graduate students, please see the Graduate Degree Requirement webpage.