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Authored and Edited Books

  1. Eric Block, Reactions of Organosulfur Compounds, Academic Press, New York, 1978, 317 pp.
  2. Eric Block (editor), Heteroatom Chemistry (Symposium Volume from Second International Conference on Heteroatom Chemistry, Albany, NY, 1989), VCH, New York, 1990, 385 pp.
  3. Eric Block (editor), Advances in Sulfur Chemistry, Volume 1, JAI Press, Greenwich CT, 1994, 212 pp.
  4. Eric Block, Garlic and Other Alliums: The Lore and the Science, Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge, 454 pp.: 2009 (hardback),; 2010 (softback),

Documentary Films

  1. "The Gift of the Gods -- The Vital History and Multiple Uses of Garlic", 70 minutes, David Douglas Productions, Cremorne, NSW, Australia, 1991 [short interview]
  2. "Garlic", Foodessences Series, David Bishop Productions, Halifax, N.S. Canada, 1997 [one of four featured commentators].


Stephene Nathele Lodge, Ph.D.
(S)-Trifluoroselenomethionine, a New Non-natural Amino Acid with Enhanced Methioninase-induced Cytotoxicity toward Human Colon Cancer Cells
Rama Yaghi, M.S.
Synthetic Approaches to Thiacorannulene
Kai Wang, Ph.D.
Synthesis and Characterization of Diallylic Polysulfanes and Study toward the Synthesis of Thiarubrine E
Abith Ramadevan Vattekkatte, M.S.
Synthesis and Characterization of Fluorinated Organosulfur and Organoselenium Compounds
Jin Jin, Ph.D.
Synthesis and Chemistry of Mixed Group 14/16 Heterocycles
Jin Chao, Ph.D.
1,2-Dichalcogen Syntheses
Sherida Johnson, Ph.D.
Studies of Organosulfur and Organoselenium Compounds from Selenized Yeast and Mushroom
Ying Zhang, M.S.
Synthesis of Sulfur-34 Labeled Compounds and Novel Organoselenium Compounds
Hak Rim Jeon, Ph.D.
Ramberg-Bäcklund-Based Tandem Reactions
Zhixing Shan, Ph.D.
Studies in the Synthesis and Chemistry of Organoselenium and Organosulfur Compounds
Xiaojie Li, M.S.
Syntheses of 3,6-Bis(perfluoroalkyl)-1,2-dithiins and Syntheses and Ring Cleavage Reactions of 3-Heteroselenetanes
Chunhong He, M.S.
Syntheses of 1,2-Dithiins and 1,2-Diselenins from Titanacyclopentadienes and Synthesis of 1,1,2,3,4,4-Hexa(methylseleno)-1,3-butadiene
Yimin Lu, M.S.
Synthetic Approaches to Selenaarchidonic Acids
Ji Wang, M.S.
Synthesis and Characterization of Prenylated Cysteines and Their Analogs
Deyou Sha, M.S.
Total Synthesis of Cepaenes and the Chemistry of Allium Species
Danmei Huang, M.S.
The Structure and Reactions of Selenoxides
Xing Zhang, Ph.D.
1) Allium Organoselenium Chemistry
2) Synthesis and Photochemistry of 1,2-Dithiins
Niannian You, M.S.
Total Synthesis of Cepaenes and Studies of Organotellurium Compounds
Matthew Wojcik, M.S.
Synthesis, Chemistry and Biological Activity of Non-Annulated 1,2-Dithiins
Russell J. DeOrazio, M.S.
Synthesis and Mechanistic Studies of Polysulfur Compounds
Matthew H. Littlejohn, M.S.
Analysis of Onion Thiosulfinates by GC-MS
Wei Xiao, M.S.
Recent Advances in the Photochemistry of Organosulfur Compounds
Chuangxing Guo, M.S.
Total Synthesis of Thiarubrine B
Mohan Thiruvazhi, Ph.D.
Synthesis and Chemistry of Sulfur Containing Natural Products
David G. Putman, Ph.D.
Organosulfur Synthetic Methodology and Chemistry of Allium Species
Sriram Naganathan, Ph.D.
Organosulfur Chemistry of Allium Species
Harsh Kiran Gulati, M.S.
Synthesis and Study of Cepaenes: Biologically Active Compunds from Onion
Hongrong Zhao, M.S.
Preparation of Bioactive Organosulfur Compounds by Ortho-Lithiation
Michael D. Gernon, Ph.D.
The Preparation of Sterically Hindered Arenethiols and 2-Pyridinethiols by Ortho-Lithiation
Rajeshwari Iyer, Ph.D.
Chemistry of Diallyl Disulfide: a Model for Studying the Biological Activity of the Essential Oil of Garlic
Jian-zhi Luo, M.S.
Chemical and Spectral Properties of b-Silylated Cyclic and Acyclic Ethers, Sulfides and Thiols
Saleem Ahmad, Ph.D.
Natural and Synthetic Allylic Sulfur Compounds: Preparation, Reactions and Biological Properties
Alan Gregory Wall, Ph.D.
The Preparation and Chemistry of the Diels-Alder Adducts of Alkanethial S-Oxides and S, S-Dioxides with Cycolpentadiene
Jean-Alex Laffitte, M.S.
Synthetic Approaches to 2-Thiabicyclo[1.1.1]pentane
Ali Abdul Nabi Bazzi, Ph.D.
New Sulfine Chemistry
Larry Kent Revelle, Ph.D.
Analytical and Synthetic Applications of Flash Vacuum Pyrolysis


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  • Eric Block and Mohammad Aslam, "Method for the Preparation of Sulfones and Compounds Containing Carbon Chains Having Conjugated Unsaturation and the Compounds Resulting from Such Methods", U.S. Patent 4,604,480, August 5, 1986.

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