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From the forests of Madagascar to the clay pits of Georgia, people all over the world rely on nature to treat what ails them. Professor Rabi Musa of CBB explores the biochemistry and biophysics behind nature's medicine.

Switch in sugar pucker from A to B form, Professor Sarma of CBB argues as a major reason for DNA bending.

Rabi Ann Musah
Assistant Professor of Chemistry,
Ph.D., 1995, University of Arkansas,Postdoctoral Fellow: The Scripps Research Institute (1994 - 1998)
ph: 518-437-3740; fx: (518) 437-3741;

Research Interests: Biophysical characterization of retroviral nucleocapsid proteins. Protein structure based drug design. Development of HIV-1 and HIV-2 nucleocapsid protein inhibitors as drugs. Go to detailed research projects.

Li Niu
Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin (1991), Postdoctoral fellow: Cornell (1991-1997), MIT (1997-2000)
ph: 518-442-4447; fx: 518-452-3462; email:

Research Interests: Structure and function of cell surface receptor proteins; kinetic and molecular mechanism of drug-protein and protein-protein interaction. An interdisciplinary approach is used involving biophysics (rapid kinetics, e.g., laser pulse photolysis and caged compounds), molecular biology and neurobiology (site directed mutagenesis), electrophysiology (patch clamping), and spectroscopy (fluorescence and biosensor). Go to detailed research projects.

Ramaswamy H. Sarma
Professor of Chemistry, Ph.D., 1967, Brown University, Postdoctoral fellow, 1967-1970 Brandeis University, and University of California San Diego.
Director, University's Institute of Biomolecular Stereodynamics, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Biomolecular Structure & Dynamics
ph: 518-456-9362 (Univ.); ph: 518-456-9362 (Journal); fx: 518-452-3462 (Univ. Office); 518-452-4955 (Journal Office); email: (Univ.); (Journal). JBSD and Conversation web:

Research Interests: Conformation and dynamics of DNA and RNA oligonucleotides and their drug complexes, and ribozymes. Special emphasis on DNA bending, suagar switch and proten binding. Our goals are achieved through a combination of multinuclear, multi-dimensional NMR spectroscopy, computer modeling and theoretical simulations. Go to detailed research projects.

Charles P. Scholes
Professor of Chemistry, Ph.D., 1969, Yale University; Biophysics, Postdoctoral Fellow, 1969-1970, Oxford University; Inorganic Chemistry, Postdoctoral Fellow, 1970-1973, UCSD, La Jolla, CA; Biophysics
Ph: 518) 442-4551; fx: 518-452-3462;

Research Interests: The primary thrust of our lab's effort is biophysical research on the structure and function of proteins, primarily those that contain paramagnetic centers. We focus on probing these centers through the techniques of electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) and electron nuclear double resonance (ENDOR) but with significant use of other spectroscopic and kinetic methods. Go to detailed research projects.

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