Department of Chemistry

B.S. Forensic Chemistry

Forensic Chemistry Track Coursework

The Forensic Track has its own Major Academic Pathway (MAP) that outlines the required and recommended curricula for both the ACS certified B.S. degree in Chemistry and the General Education Requirements outlined by the university. Please see a summary of this MAP from the Undergraduate Bulletin (link to Degree requirements for the Major in Chemistry). The pathway to a degree in chemistry with a forensic emphasis is challenging due to the extensive math, physics and forensic-related coursework that is required. Along with the university's general education requirements, little flexibility or elective coursework exists. The Department of Chemistry recommends that students interested in a career in forensic chemistry obtain advising within the department as early as possible to better align with this curriculum. The Department of Chemistry at the University at Albany, in conjunction with the New York State Police Forensic Investigation Center, offers a new forensic chemistry sequence within the Bachelor of Science degree program. Graduates of this program will be prepared to enter rewarding careers in all fields of chemistry, especially forensic chemistry and analytical chemistry.

Comprehensive Forensic Chemistry Emphasis

The program assesses its students in a capstone experience to demonstrate that its graduates have a basic foundation in the scientific and laboratory problem solving skills necessary for success in a modern crime laboratory.  An analysis of the results of the student’s performance in the capstone experience includes development of an independent laboratory-based project, a written report, and an oral presentation on their results in the Annual Forensic Research Symposium.

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
A Chm 120, 121General Chemistry3, 3
A Chm 124, 125General Chemistry Lab1, 1
A Chm 220, 221Organic Chemistry3, 3
A Chm 222, 223Organic Chemistry Lab1, 1
A Chm 225Quantitative Analysis3
A Chm 350, 351Physical Chemistry3, 3
A Chm 352 ZPhysical Chemistry3
A Chm 401Special Topics in Advanced Chemistry (Forensics)3
A Chm 417Advanced Synthesis3
A Chm 420Inorganic Chemistry3
A Chm 430Instrumental Analysis3
A Chm 442Comprehensive Biochemistry3
A Chm 450, 451Forensic Chemistry3, 3
A Mat 111Differential Calculus4
A Mat 113Integral Calculus4
A Mat 214Multivariable Calculus4
A Mat 108Elementary Statistics3
A Phy 140Mechanics4
A Phy 145Mechanics Lab1
A Phy 150Electricity and Magnetism3
A Phy 155Electricity and Magnetism Lab3
A Bio 120General Biology3
A Bio 121General Biology Lab1
R Crj 202Intro to Law and Crim. Justice4
An additional three (3) credits of coursework must be selected from the following options:
A Chm 428Undergraduate Researchvariable credit
A Chm 455Forensic Chemistry Internshipvariable credit