Eric Block
Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Postdoctoral Training: Harvard University
Ph.D., Harvard University
Office: Chemistry 341
Fax: (518) 442-3462

Please note: Professor Block is no longer accepting graduate students or postdoctoral fellows

    Research Interests

    • Chemistry of olfaction -- the sense of smell
    • Allium chemistry (organosulfur and organoselenium chemistry of garlic, onion, and other genus Allium plants)
    • Natural products chemistry including isolation, characterization and total synthesis
    • Organosulfur and organoselenium chemistry; bio-organic chemistry
    • Organic synthesis
    • Organic photochemistry
    • Heteroatom and heterocyclic chemistry
    • Small ring chemistry
      Chemistry of 1,2-dithiins and other 1,2-dichalcogenins

    Research Area

    • Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry

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