Daniele Fabris
Postdoctoral Training: National Research Council (Italy),
& University of Maryland, Baltimore

Ph.D., University of Padua (Italy)
Office: LS 1143
Phone: 518-437-4464
Fax: (518) 442-3462
Email: fabris@albany.edu

Research Interests

  • Developing mass spectrometry and ion mobility methods to investigate higher order structure and dynamics of macromolecular complexes
  • Utilizing high resolution mass spectrometry to develop novel RNAomics technologies
  • Determining functional interactions within protein-nucleic acid complexes
  • Investigating RNA-based drug therapeutics and screening by mass spectometry methods

Research Area

  • Biophysical Chemistry & Biochemistry

Research Lab Website: Fabris Lab

  • Curiculum Vitae