Start Time Paper/Talk Title Author/Speaker
1230 Lunch (provided by CVPR)
1300 Welcome
1310 Keynote Speech - Microscopic Image Analytics: A Model-based learning Approach Dimitri Metaxas (Rutgers University)
1400 Spotlight Presentations of Accepted Papers
Spatially Aware Dictionary Learning and Coding for Fossil Pollen Grain Identification Shu Kong*, Surangi Punyasena, Charless Fowlkes
Multi-View Multi-Modal Feature Embedding for Endomicroscopy Mosaic Classification Yun Gu*, Jie Yang, Guang-Zhong Yang
Neuron Segmentation based on CNN with Semi-supervised Regularization Kun Xu*, Hang Su, Jun Zhu, JiSong Guan, Bo Zhang
3D structure modeling of dense capillaries by multi-objects tracking Ryoma Bise*, Imari Sato, Kentaro Kajiya, Toyonobu Yamashita
Analysing the structure of collagen fibres in SBFSEM images Yassar A Almutairi*, Timothy Cootes, Karl Kadler
Cluster Sensing Superpixel and Grouping Rui Li, lu fang*
3D Convolutional Networks-Based Mitotic Event Detection in Time-Lapse Phase Contrast Microscopy Image Sequences of Stem Cell Populations Weizhi Nie, Wei-hui Li, An-An Liu*, Tong Hao, Yu-ting Su
Segmentation of Overlapping Cervical Cells in Microscopic Images with Superpixel Partitioning and Cell-wise Contour Refinement Hansang Lee*, Junmo Kim
Unsupervised segmentation of cervical cell images using Gaussian Mixture Model Sridharakumar Narasimhan*, Srikanth Ragothaman, Basavaraja Gurappa, Rajan Dewar
ICORD: Intelligent Collection of Redundant Data - A Dynamic System for Crowdsourcing Cell Segmentations Accurately and Efficiently Mehrnoosh Sameki*, Danna Gurari, Margrit Betke
Four Dimensional Image Registration For Intravital Microscopy Chichen Fu*, Neeraj Gadgil, Khalid Tahboub, Paul Salama, Kenneth Dunn, Edward Delp
Methodology for Increasing the Measurement Accuracy of Image Features Michael Majurski*, Joe Chalfoun, Steve Lund, Peter Bajcsy, Mary Brady
1500 Poster Session (with coffee)
1600 Postdoc Colloquium
Mixing Crowds, Computers, and Experts for Scalable Annotation of Biomedical Images Danna Gurari (University of Texas Austin)
1630 Invited Talks
Self-organization of stem cells during neural specification Daniel Hoeppner (Lieber Institute for Brain Development)
Semi-supervised learning for hierarchical cell detection and segmentation Tolga Tasdizen (University of Utah)
1730 Invited Panel Discussion Peter Bajcsy (NIST), Edward Delp (Purdue University), Daniel Hoeppner, Dimitris Metaxas
1800 Closing Remarks