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"Adiós, Borinquen querida": The Puerto Rican Diaspora, Its History and Contributions

The book is a publication sponsored by the Comisión San Juan 2000 and the Center for Latino, Latin American, and Caribbean Studies (CELAC) at the University at Albany. The various essays included in the book attempt to provide an overview of the sociohistoric, cultural, and political development of Puerto Rican migrant communities, particularly in the United States, but also in other countries such as Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and St. Croix.

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The book is available for $25 a copy plus $3 shipping from CELAC in both English and Spanish versions. There is a 40% discount for 5 copies or more and for bookstores.


Edna Acosta-Belén
Margarita Benítez
José E. Cruz
Yvonne González-Rodríguez
Carlos E. Santiago
Azara Santiago-Rivera
Barbara R. Sjostrom

Table of Contents:

Message from the Comisión San Juan 2000
List of Photographs and Images

Chapter 1: Adiós, Borinquen querida: The Puerto Rican Migratory Experience
Chapter 2: Nostros, puertorriqueños: Contributions to Politics, Social Movements, and the Armed Forces
Chapter 3: You've Come a Long Way Boriqua!: (Re) Viewing Our History in the Media
Chapter 4: Resonating Voices and Images: Contributions to Literature and the Arts
Chapter 5: From the Melting Pot to Multiculturalism: The Struggles for Educational Advancement
Chapter 6: Forging New Spaces in the Social, Behavioral, and Health Sciences
Chapter 7: ¡Levanta tu bandera!: Contributions to Sports
Chapter 8: A Look at the World of Business and the Professions

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