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Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Immigration Politics and Policy

The Center for Latino, Latin American, and Caribbean Studies (CELAC) with support from at the Latin American, Caribbean, and US Latino Studies Department, the Political Science Department, the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and the Office of Diversity and Includion at SUNY-Central will co-sponsor a one-day Conference on Immigration held at the University at Albany on Monday, April 21, 2014.

Conference Organizer: Professor José E. Cruz
Keynote Speaker:
Secretary of State Cesar Perales
Opening Remarks: Jorge Montalvo, Director, Office of New Americans, NYS Department of State

The purpose of the conference is to contribute to the understanding of the U.S. immigration experience by giving scholars within UAlbany and other researchers an opportunity to share their most recent research on this topic. The conference takes the ongoing immigration reform debate as its cue to help contextualize the discussion as well as the legislative initiatives presently at the table from various angles and disciplines. The papers proposed explore the relationship between transnational population flows and the politics of citizenship and empire, the politics of immigrant integration, the role of ideology in enforcement of immigration policy, the impact of policy in the areas of deportation, naturalization, and families, disparities in litigation outcomes in U.S. immigration courts, and border security issues.

This conference will insert UAlbany in the national debate on immigration and will offer UAlbany faculty and students, faculty and students from other SUNY campuses and local colleges, individuals from the federal, state and local government and from the community at large an opportunity to acquire and exchange information, ideas, and strategies related to immigration politics and policy. Participants will become better acquainted with work that supplements their own. They will also gain a better comparative understanding of the content of current immigration politics and policy, of recent enforcement practices, and of recently proposed changes to existing policy at the federal level.

CELAC Immigration Conference Schedule

Dean Edelgard Wulfurt

9:00-9:45am Registration and continental breakfast

9:50am - 10:15am   Introduction & Welcome Remarks
            Edelgard Wulfert, Dean, UAlbany College of Arts and Sciences
            The Hon. Marcos A. Crespo, New York State Assembly

From Left to Right: Julie Novkov, Edgardo Meléndez, Rey Koslowski and José E. Cruz

10:20-11:50am 1st Panel
José E. Cruz, Political Science and Latino Studies, UAlbany, “The Political Incorporation of (Im)migrants in the United States: The Case of Puerto Ricans.”
Rey Koslowski, Political Science, UAlbany, "The American Way of Border Control and Immigration Reform Politics."
Edgardo Meléndez, Hunter College, CUNY, “Empire, Citizenship and   Migration: Puerto Ricans and the United States.”
Julie Novkov, Chair, Political Science Department, UAlbany, moderator and discussant.

12:00noon-12:50pm Lunch

Dean David Rosseau

1-1:55pm Introduction & Keynote address
            David L. Rousseau, Dean, Rockefeller College, UAlbany.
            Jorge Montalvo, Director, Office of New Americans, Department of State.

Jorge Montalvo

2:00-3:30pm  2nd panel
Joanna Dreby, Sociology, UAlbany, “Immigration Enforcement: The Consequences of Gendered Politics for Family Relationships.”
Tao Dumas, Political Science, UAlbany, "Seeking Relief: Litigant Outcomes in U.S. Immigration Courts (2002-2012)."
Jacqueline Hayes, Doctoral Student, LACS, "The Specter of Deportation: the Fear of Immigration Enforcement and its Impact on Working Conditions in New York State."
Glyne Griffith, English/LACS, UAlbany, moderator and discussant.

From Left to Right: Tao Dumas, Jacqueline Hayes, Joanna Dreby and Glyne Griffith

3:30-4:00pm Coffee Break

From Left to Right: Laura Valeria Gonzalez-Murphy, Laura Wittern-Keller, Lina Rincón and Dina Refki

4:00-5:30pm  3rd panel
Dina Refki, Center for Women in Government & Civil Society, UAlbany, "Measuring Immigrant Integration in New York State."
Lina Rincón, Doctoral Student, Sociology, UAlbany, "The Fruits of the 'Dot Com': The Migration and Integration Processes of Colombian and Puerto Rican Software Engineers in the United States."
Laura Wittern-Keller, History, UAlbany, "Ideological Deportations: Communists and Terrorists."
Laura Valeria Gonzalez-Murphy, Ph.D. Political Science, Office of the Secretary of State, New York, moderator and discussant.

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