"Unified Hands in Ovation," mural by Juan Sánchez.

Center for Latino, Latin American, and Caribbean Studies (CELAC)

The Center for Latino, Latin American, and Caribbean Studies (CELAC) at the University at Albany, SUNY was established in 1984 to promote research, publications, technical assistance, and resource services to the academic, international, and local communities focused on the Latin American, Caribbean, and U.S. Latino populations. CELAC relies on the collective expertise of scholars and specialists from a wide range of fields, and fosters interdisciplinary and transnational research approaches, and international collaborations among faculty and academic, governmental, and non-governmental institutions.

Some of CELAC’s main functions and activities include:
1) promoting and facilitating research and scholarly collaborations; 2) providing the necessary infrastructure for generating grant projects, institutional linkages, and collaborative agreements with other relevant private or public institutions in Latin America, the Caribbean, the United States, and other countries; 3) sponsoring the publication of the Latino(a) Research Review (LRR),  which has been publishing since 1995, as well as of monographs and newsletters; 4) sponsoring the New York Latino Research and Resources Network (NYLARNet); 5) providing technical assistance and consultant services to public and private institutions in the United States and abroad; 6) organizing conferences, lectures, and workshops  aimed at different audiences (e.g. scholars, students, policy makers, social studies and foreign language teachers); 7) promoting a greater appreciation and knowledge of Latino multicultural and multiracial diversity in the United States, and in the Latin American and Caribbean regions; 8) supporting a hemispheric and intersectional approach in analyzing the interconnections and interdependence among the peoples and nations of the Americas.

CELAC works closely with the Department of Latin American, Caribbean, and U.S. Latino Studies (LACS) at the University at Albany. LACS offers and administers an undergraduate major in Latin American and Caribbean Studies, and minors in Latin American Studies, U.S. Latino Studies, and Globalization in the Americas. It also offers a Master’s degree in Latin American and Caribbean Studies, and a doctoral concentration in Latin American, Caribbean, and U.S. Latino Cultural Studies, which is part of the Spanish Ph.D.

CELAC Director

José E. Cruz

CELAC Advisory Board

Christine E. Bose / Edna Acosta-Belén / Jesus Alonso-Regalado / Susan Gauss / Glyne Griffith / Colbert Nepaulsingh / Patricia Pinho / Barbara Sutton

Address: SS-250, University at Albany, SUNY, 1400 Washington Ave. Albany, NY 12222; Tel. and Fax (518) 442-3475; E-Mail: [email protected]




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