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Teacher Education and Professional Development

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Principal Researchers

Jane Agee, Ann Egan-Robertson,
Pamela Grossman, Peter Smagorinsky,
Sheila Valencia

Today’s students are expected to attain higher levels of literacy than ever before. Achieving this requires a teaching force that is knowledgeable about the most effective approaches to teaching and learning. In the years since many of today’s teachers first learned to teach, cognitive science has taught us much about effective instructional approaches.

Other research has helped us understand how in-service and pre-service teachers gain and apply new knowledge. This research includes CELA studies that examined the impact of teacher education, both pre-service and in-service, on how different program models and settings influence teachers’ ideas about teaching, learning, and culture -- as well as how they enact those ideas in the classroom.

Findings about settings that enable developing teachers to fully grasp and use new knowledge and approaches to teaching and learning can be found in:

Curriculum Materials: Scaffolds for New Teacher Learning? (Report, 2004)
Tensions in Learning to Teach: Accommodation and the Development of a Teaching Identity. (Article Abstract, 2004)
Acquiescence, Accommodation, and Resistance in Learning to Teach within a Prescribed Curriculum (Article Abstract, 2002)
What Makes Teacher Community Different from a Gathering of Teachers? (Report, 2001)
Transitions into Teaching: Learning to Teach Writing in Teacher Education and Beyond (Report, 2000)
Appropriating Conceptual and Pedagogical Tools for Teaching English: A Conceptual Framework for Studying Professional Development (Report, 1999)

Findings related to experienced high school English teachers include:

Theory, Identity, and Practice: A Study of Two High School English Teachers’ Literature Instruction (Report, 2000)
The Effects of Censorship on Experienced High School English Teachers (Article, 1999)
There It Was, That One Sex Scene: The Effects of Censorship on Experienced High School English Teachers (Article Abstract, 1999)
How Experienced English Teachers Assess the Effectiveness of Their Literature Instruction (Report, 1998)

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