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What instructional activities support the development of literacy and the learning of literature and social studies?
(Virginia Goatley, Anne McGill-Franzen, principal investigators)

A five-year longitudinal study in ten classrooms in grades 1-5 in two states involved collaborating with teachers to develop curriculum that integrates literature and social studies. Half of the classrooms were multi-grade (3/4 and 4/5) and half served a single grade (1, 2, 4). All units were designed to meet school and district goals regarding student achievement in literacy skills and in understanding key social studies concepts and literary genres-- and then assessing changes in student achievement based on the changes in curriculum. Data include intensive classroom observations; student case studies; standardized test scores; textbook exams; teacher- and researcher-developed performance measures; portfolios; and student and teacher self-assessments.

Online Articles that share findings include

  • Multiple forms of evidence: A longitudinal case study of student achievement. Rebecca Rodgers, Virginia Goatley (Article, 2001 National Reading Conference)

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