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Most CELA reports are available online for free downloading, or they may be purchased in printed format by using our Order Form. Prices for print orders can be found at the top of each online report. All other reports may be ordered directly through ERIC using the ERIC Document (ED) number shown next to the title.

For lists of reports by topic or study, go to the current research, or previous research of this Website.


H. Adams

The Difficulty of Difficulty (1990) (ED 333 435)

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M. Adler

The Interdisciplinary Continuum: Reconciling Theory, Research and Practice (1997) (Online Report) (and S. Flihan (10004))

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P. Afflerbach

Writing Language Arts Report Cards: Eleven Teachers' Conflicts of Knowing and Communicating (1992) (ED 346 469) (and P. Johnston (3.6)) 

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J. Agee

Theory, Identity, and Practice: A Study of Two High School English Teachers' Literature Instruction (2000) (Online Report) (13003)

How Experienced English Teachers Assess the Effectiveness of Their Literature Instruction (1998)  (Online Report) (11005)

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R. Allington

Effects of Reading Policy on Classroom Instruction and Student Achievement. (2000) (Online Report) (13011)

What Do We Know about Effective Fourth-Grade Teachers and Their Classrooms? (2000) (Online Report) (and P. Johnston (13010))

Looking Back, Looking Forward: A Conversation about Teaching Reading in the 21st Century (1999) (Online Report) (and A. McGill-Franzen (12015))

The Adequacy of a Program of Research and of a "Research Synthesis" in Shaping Educational Policy (1997) (Online Report) (and H. Woodside-Jiron (10005))

Patterns of Implementation of Literature-Based Curriculum (1995) (ED 386 731) (and S. Guice, et al. (1.14))

The Schools We Have, the Schools We Need (1994) (Online Report) (1.12)

Reducing the Risk: Integrated Language Arts in Restructured Elementary Schools (1993) (Online Report) (1.9)

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A. Applebee

The National Study of Writing Instruction: Methods and Procedures (2011) (Online Report) (and Judith A. Langer)

The State of Writing Instruction in America's Schools: What Existing Data Tell Us (2006)  (Online Report)  (and Judith A. Langer)

Shaping Conversations: A Study of Continuity and Coherence in High School Literature Curricula (1994) (Online Report) (and R. Burroughs, A. Stevens (1.11))

Toward Thoughtful Curriculum: Fostering Discipline-Based Conversation in the English Language Arts Classroom (1994) (Online Report) (1.10)

Beyond the Lesson: Reconstruing Curriculum as a Domain for Culturally Significant Conversations (1993) (Online Report) (1.7)

A Study of High School Literature Anthologies (1991) (Online Report)(1.5)

Literature Instruction in American Schools (1990) (ED 333 467)

A Study of Book-Length Works Taught in High School (1989) (ED 309 453)

The Teaching of Literature in Programs with Reputations for Excellence (1989) (ED 315 753)

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R. Beach

Research on the Learning and Teaching of Literature: Selected Bibliography (1989) (ED 315 764) (and S. Hynds)

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E. Bigler

On Exclusion and Inclusion in Classroom Texts and Talk (1996) (Online Report) (7.5)

Dangerous Discourses:The Politics of Multicultural Literature in Community and Classroom (1995) (Online Report) (and J. Collins (7.4))

Talking American: Dialoguing on Difference in Upstate New York (1994) (ED 366 947) (7.2)

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S. Blau

Building Bridges between Literary Theory and the Teaching of Literature (1993) (Online Report) (5.6)

Transactions Between Theory and Practice in the Teaching of Literature (1993) (ED 356 472) (5.6)

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P. Bonissone

Teaming to Teach English to International High School Students (2000) (Online Report) (13005)

Literacy Through Literature in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Classrooms (1998) (Online Report) (and E. Rougle, J. Langer (11008))

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J. Bradley

Selected Bibliography on Material and Approaches in the Learning and Teaching of Literature (1989) (ED 315 765)

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D. Brandau

Literacy and Literature in School and Non-School Settings (1996) (Online Report) (7.6)

Schooling, Literature, and Work in a Rural Mountain Community (1992) (ED 352 663) (and J. Collins (7.1))

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D. Brandt

Literacy, Opportunity, and Economic Change (1999) (Online Report) (12001)

The Sponsors of Literacy (1997) (Online Report) (10001)

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L. Brannon

Teaching Literature in High School: A Teacher Research Project (1989) (ED 315 756) (and C. Knoblauch)

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G. Bronk

School Book Clubs and Literacy Development: A Descriptive Study (1994) (ED 374 403) (and S. Walmsley, D. Strickland, K. Weiss (2.22))

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S. Burke

Will Blake: Teaching and Learning Huckleberry Finn (1990) (ED 333 470)

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W. Chafe

Sources of Difficulty in the Processing of Written Language (1990) (ED 333 436)

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J.N. Christoph

Taking Risks, Negotiating Relationships: One Teacher's Transition Towards A Dialogic Classroom (2001) (Online Report) (and M. Nystrand (14003))

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C. Cliff

Multicultural Dialogue in Literature-History Classes: The Dance of Creative and Critical Thinking (1997) (Online Report) (and S. Miller (7.9))

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E. Close

How did We Get Here?: Seventh Graders Sharing Literature (1990) (Online Report) (2.15a)

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C. Confer

Interactions between Central Office Language Arts Administrators and Exemplary English Teachers, and the Impact on Student Performance (1999) (Online Report) (12003)

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A. Connolly

Taking the Fear Away from Learning (1989) (ED 315 757)

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G. Cruz

Collegial Networks: A Team of Sixth-Grade Teachers in a Two-Way Bilingual Program (2000) (Online Report) (13008)

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J. Danaher

Pullin' It All Together: Karen Dunne: One Woman Workin' Too Hard (1991) (ED 333 473)

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R. DeFabio

Characteristics of Student Performance as Factors in Portfolio Assessment (1993) (3.8)

Classroom as Text: Reading, Interpreting, and Critiquing a Literature Class (1989) (ED 315 761)

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J. DeLawter

Teaching Literature: From Clerk to Explorer (1990) (ED 333 442)

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C. DeMilo

The Current State of Assessment (1989) (ED 315 763) (and P. Brody, A. Purves)

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P. Dias

Literary Reading and Classroom Constraints: Aligning Practice with Theory (1990) (ED 333 443)

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A. Egan-Robertson

Learning about Culture, Language and Power: Understanding Relationships among Personhood, Literacy Practices and Intertextuality (1998) (Online Report) (11002)

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H. Elam

The Difficulty of Reading (1990) ( ED 333 437)

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W. Elley

In Praise of Incidental Learning (1997) (Online Report) (10002)

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C. Forman-Pemberton

Being There with Kevin Tucker (1989) (ED 315 759)

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M. Galbraith-Jones

Using Portfolios to Negotiate a Rhetorical Community (1994) ( ED 377 509) (and J. Hennelly, A. Purves (3.10))

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P. Grossman

Curriculum Materials: Scaffolds for New teacher Learning?  (2004) (Online Report) (and Clarissa Thompson)

District Policy and Beginning Teachers: Where the Twain Shall Meet (2001) (Online Report) (and S. Thompson, S. Valencia (14004))

What Makes Teacher Community Different from a Gathering of Teachers? (2001) (Online Report) (and S. Wineburg & S. Woolworth (14002))

Transitions into Teaching: Learning to Teach Writing in Teacher Education and Beyond (2000) (Online Report) (and S. Valencia, K. Evans, C. Thompson, S. Martin, N. Place (13006))

Appropriating Conceptual and Pedagogical Tools for Teaching English: A Conceptual Framework for Studying Professional Development (1999) (Online Report) (and P. Smagorinsky, S. Valencia (12011))

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S. Guice

Access Denied: A Five-Year Study of Literacy Instruction Provided to Poor, Urban Elementary Children (1997) (ED 405 592) (and G. Brooks (2.30))

Assessment, Self-Assessment, and Children's Literate Constructs (1995) (Online Report) (and P. Johnston (3.11))

Access Books, Children, and Literature-Based Curriculum in Schools (1994) (ED 374 446) (and P. Johnston, K. Baker, N. Michelson (1.13))

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T. Hansbury-Zuendt

Voices Making Meaning: Reading the Texts with Tony Carrera (1991) (ED 333 472)

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J. Hellermann

Developing Thinking Communities Through Talk: Two Case Studies from Science Classes (2001) (Online Report) (and K. Cole & J. Zuengler (14001))

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E. Helmar-Salasoo

Collegial Support and Networks Invigorate Teaching:  The Case of Marsha S. Slater (1999) (Online Report) (and S. Kahr (12008))

A National Study of States' Roles in Choosing Reading and Literature for Second-Language Learning (1995) (ED 392 260) (2.25)

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S. Hynds

Challenging Questions in the Literature Classroom (1990) (ED 333 444)

Questions of Difficulty in Literary Reading (1990) (ED 333 439)

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P. Johnston

Teaching and Learning Literate Epistemologies (2000) (Online Report) (and H. Woodside-Jiron, J. Day (13009)

Unpacking Literate "Achievement" (1999) (Online Report) (12007)

Teachers' Evaluations of Teaching and Learning in Literacy and Literature (1990) (ED 333 474) (and P. Weiss, P. Afflerbach)

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S. Jordan

The Metaphor of the Portfolio and the Metaphors in Portfolios: The Relation of Classroom-Based to Large-Scale Assessment (1994) (Online Report) (and A. Purves (3.9))

Issues in the Responses of Students to Culturally Diverse Texts: A Preliminary Study (1993) (Online Report) (and A. Purves (7.3))

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K. Kolanowski

Use of Portfolios in Assessment of Literature Learning (1993) (Online Report) (3.7)

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V. Kouba

Literacy in the National Science and Mathematics Standards: Communication and Reasoning (1998) (Online Report; Appendices) (and A. Champagne, et al. (11003))

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J. Langer

The National Study of Writing Instruction: Methods and Procedures (2011) (Online Report) (and Arthur N. Applebee)

Beating the Odds: Teaching Middle and High School Students to Read and Write Well (1999) (Online Report) (12014)

Excellence in English in Middle and High School: How Teachers' Professional Lives Support Student Achievement (1999) (Online Report) (12002)

Thinking and Doing Literature: An 8-Year Study (1997) (Online Report) (6.8)

Literacy Acquisition through Literature (1997) (Online Report) (7.11)

A Response-Based Approach to Reading Literature (1994) (Online Report) (6.7)

Approaches Toward Meaning in Low- and High Rated Readers (1993) (Online Report) (2.20)

Teaching Disciplinary Thinking in Academic Coursework (1993) (Online Report) (and C. Confer, M. Sawyer (2.19))

Critical Thinking and English Language Arts Instruction (1992) (Online Report) (6.5)

Discussion as Exploration: Literature and the Horizon of Possibilities (1991) (Online Report) (6.3)

Literary Understanding and Literature Instruction (1991) (Online Report) (2.11)

The Process of Understanding Literature (1989) (Online Report) (2.1)

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T. Manning

Achieving High Quality Reading and Writing in an Urban Middle School: The Case of Gail Slatko (2000) (Online Report) (13001)

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D. Marhafer

The Heart and Soul of the Class (1989) (ED 315 760)

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J. Marshall

Discussions of Literature in Lower-Track Classrooms (1990) (ED 333 432) (and M. Klages, R. Fehlman)

Discussions of Literature in Middle-Track Classrooms (1990) (ED 337 781) (and M. Klages, R. Fehlman)

Patterns of Discourse in Classroom Discussions of Literature (1989) (ED 312 657)

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S. Mathison

The Logic of Interdisciplinary Studies (1998) (Online Report) (and M. Freeman (11004))

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A. McGill-Franzen

The Relationship between Reading Policy and Reading Instruction: A Recent History (2000) (Online Report) (13004)

Exposing the Edge of the Preschool Curriculum: Teachers' Talk about Text and Children's Literary Understandings (1993) (Online Report) (and C. Lanford (2.21))

Learning to Be Literate: A Comparison of Five Urban Early Childhood Programs (1997) (Online Report) (and C. Lanford (2.28))

Four Children, Four Stories of School and Literacy: Ani, Caitlin, Ira, and Mark (1996) (Online Report) (and C. Lanford, et al. (2.27))

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C. Meskill

Electronic Text and Learners of English as a Second Language Environments (1999) (Online Report) (and J. Mossop, R. Bates (12012))

Tools for Supporting Response-Based Literature Teaching and Learning: A Multimedia Exploration of the Beat Generation (1997) (Online Report) (and K. Swan, M. Frazer (2.29))

Technologies Use with ESL Learners in New York State: Preliminary Report (1997) (Online Report) (and J. Mossop (10003))

Response-Based Multimedia and the Culture of the Classroom: A Pilot Study of Kid's Space in Four Elementary Classrooms (1996) (Online Report) (and K. Swan (2.26))

Roles for Multimedia in the Response-Based Literature Classroom (1995) (ED 387 803) (and K. Swan (2.24))

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S. Miller

Making the Paths: Constructing Multicultural Texts and Critical-Narrative Discourse in Literature-History Classes (1996) (Online Report) (7.8)

Creating Change: Towards a Dialogic Pedagogy (1992) (ED 349 582) (2.18)

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M. Nystrand

Questions in Time: Investigating the Structure and Dynamics of Unfolding Classroom Discourse (2001) (Online Report) (and L. L. Wu, A. Gamoran, S. Zeiser, D. Long (14005))

Report in Argument's Clothing: An Ecological Perspective on Writing Instruction (2000) (Online Report; Appendix) (and N. Graff  (13007))

Towards an Ecology of Learning: The Case of Classroom Discourse and Its Effects on Writing in High School English and Social Studies (1998) (Online Report) (and A. Gamoran, W. Carbonaro (11001))

Making It Hard: Curriculum and Instruction as Factors in Difficulty of Literature (1990) (ED 333 441)

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S. Ostrowski

How English Is Taught and Learned in Four Exemplary Middle and High School Classrooms (2000) (Online Report) (13002)

Vocational School English Teacher Engages Students in High Levels of Reading and Writing: The Case of Janas Masztal (1999) (Online Report) (12006)

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A. Petrosky

To Teach (Literature)? (1991) (ED 333 445)

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M. Pressley

The Nature of Effective First-Grade Literacy Instruction (1998) (Online Report) (and R. Allington, et al. (11007))

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R. Probst

Five Kinds of Literary Knowing (1990) (ED 333 446)

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V. Purcell-Gates

On the Outside Looking In: A Study of Remedial Readers' Meaning-Making While Reading Literature (1990) (ED 333 447)

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A. Purves

Toward a Re-evaluation of Reader Response and School Literature (1993) (ED 359 515) (1.8)

The Ideology of Canons and Cultural Concerns in the Literature Curriculum (1991) (Online Report) (6.4)

Student Perceptions of Achievement in School Literature (1991) (ED 336 751) A. Purves, et al.

Comparison of Measures of the Domain of Learning in Literature (1990) (ED 333 433) (and H. Li,  M. Shirk)

Indeterminate Texts, Responsive Readers, and the Idea of Difficulty in Literature Learning (1990) (ED 333 434)

Prototype Measures of the Domain of Learning in Literature (1990) (ED 337 782) (and H. Li,  M. Shirk)

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D. Quick

The Mythmaker of Seneca (1990) (ED 333 471)

The Teacher as Mentor-Guide: Joe Allen on Antigone (1989) (ED 315 762)

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D. Roberts

Supporting the Process of Literary Understanding: An Analysis of a Classroom Discussion (1991) (Online Report) (and J. Langer (2.15))

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E. Rougle

A Lifelong Middle School Teacher Never Stops Learning: The Case of Cathy Starr (1999) (Online Report) (12005)

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P. Smagorinsky

The Twisting Path of Concept Development in Learning to Teach (2003) (Online Report) (and Leslie Susan Cook, Tara Star Johnson (16002))

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S. Snyder

Beating the Odds Over Time: One District's Perspective (1999) (Online Report) (12004)

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F. Stayter

Journeying towards Collaboration: Back Roads, Fast Lanes, and Ever-Moving Horizons (1992) (ED 346 467) (and E. Close (6.6))

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K. Swan

Nonprint Media and Technology Literacy Standards for K-12 Teaching and Learning (1999) (Online Report) (12013)

Multimedia and Response-Based Literature Teaching and Learning (1997) (ED 403 585) (and C. Meskill (2.32))

Multimedia and Response-Based Literature Teaching and Learning: A Critical Review of Commercial Applications (1995) (Online Report) (ED 384 050) (and C. Meskill (2.23))

A Database of Multimedia Application Reviews (1995) (and C. Meskill (D.1))

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W. Touponce

Literary Theory and the Notion of Difficulty (1990) (ED 333 440)

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G. Trzyna

A Case Study of Learning in an Integrated Literature-History Class: Personal Narrative, Critical Reflection, and Kris's Ways of Knowing (1997) (Online Report) (and S. Miller (7.10))

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S. Walmsley

A Study of Second Graders' Home and School Literary Experiences (1991) (ED 339 043) (and L. Fielding, T. Walp)

Teaching Literature in Elementary School (1989) (ED 315 754) (and T. Walp)

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R. F. Young

Modes of Meaning in High School Science (2002) (Online Report) (and H. T. Nguyen (15001))

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J. Zuengler

Analyst Eyes and Camera Eyes: Theoretical and Technological Consideration in "Seeing" the Details of Classroom Interaction (1998) (Online Report) (and C. Ford, C. Fassnacht (11006))

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