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Envisioning Literature

Envisioning Literature: Literary Understanding & Literature Instruction

Judith A. Langer

Teachers College Press (1995)

  • Improving Literary Understanding Through Classroom Conversation (Booklet) (Text Only)
    J. Langer & E. Close

  • Effective Literature Instruction Develops Thinking Skills (Brief)

  • Literacy Acquisition through Literature (Online Report)
    J. Langer

  • Thinking and Doing Literature: An 8-Year Study (Online Report)
    J. Langer

  • A Response-Based Approach to Reading Literature (Online Report)
    J. Langer

  • Critical Thinking and English Language Arts Instruction (Online Report)
    J. Langer

  • Discussion as Exploration: Literature and the Horizon of Possibilities (Online Report)
    J. Langer

  • Approaches Toward Meaning in Low- and High-Rated Readers (Online Report)
    J. Langer

  • How did We Get Here?: Seventh Graders Sharing Literature (Online Report)
    E. Close

  • Supporting the Process of Literary Understanding: An Analysis of a Classroom Discussion (Online Report)
    J. Roberts & J. Langer

  • Literary Understanding and Literature Instruction (Online Report)
    J. Langer

  • The Process of Understanding Literature (Online Report)
    J. Langer

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