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The Interactive Strategies approach to reading intervention

Frank Vellutino and Donna Scanlon


The authors describe the Interactive Strategies approach to early reading intervention. Interactive Strategies is a first grade remedial intervention program developed by Vellutino and Scanlon to aid in distinguishing between impaired readers whose reading difficulties are caused primarily by experiential and instructional deficits and impaired readers whose reading difficulties are caused primarily by basic deficits in reading-related cognitive abilities. Vellutino and Scanlon provide a brief description of the study in which they initially implemented this program and summarize its salient findings. They describe the theoretical model from which the instructional components of the Interactive Strategies program were derived and thereafter rationalize and describe these components. Finally, they present data supporting the relative effectiveness of the program and discuss the implications of the findings for remediating and preventing long-term reading difficulties in beginning readers.

* Published by Elsevier Science.

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