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Ingestion, Elimination, Sex, and Song: Trickster as Premodern Avatar of Postmodern Research Practice

Kamberelis, G.


In this article, I argue that the mythological figure of the Trickster may be read as a premodern avatar of postmodern research practice or what Denzin and Lincoln called the sixth and seventh moments of qualitative inquiry. I begin by describing the key imperatives of the sixth and seventh moments. These imperatives include (a) a commitment to morally sound, praxis-oriented research; (b) strategic use of eclectic constellations of theories, methods, and research strategies; (c) production of dialogic, nonrepresentational texts; and (d) conduct of mindful inquiry resulting in sacred texts. In a modest attempt to write not only about but also in the sixth and seventh moments, I offer extensive descriptions and interpretations of the extant narratives of the Winnebago Trickster, Wakdjunkaga, making indirect or oblique connections to sixth and seventh moment imperatives along the way. I return to these connections in the end of the article and make them more explicit.

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