Andrew Vitek

Homeland security, counter-terrorism, preparedness and training

The World Within Reach
Andrew Vitek
Adjunct Instructor

College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security and Cybersecurity



Andy is currently a doctoral candidate in the Rockefeller College department of political science. His research focuses on security sector policy and reform, terrorism and radicalization, political violence and pedagogy. He became interested in homeland security work in 2012 when he began work as a researcher for SUNY Albany’s National Center for Security and Preparedness, and worked with them on counter-terrorism, preparedness and training related projects until early 2016. He has taught extensively in the political science department since 2013 and got involved teaching with CEHC in the fall of 2016 to expand into a more policy and practitioner focused environment. He hopes to complete his doctoral dissertation in 2018 and seek a professional research position in the D.C. area.

CEHC Courses Taught

CEHC 210- Critical Inquiry and Communication in EHC

CEHC Research Interests

Homeland security, counter-terrorism, preparedness and training, critical inquiry and communication