Related Graduate Programs

UAlbany offers several other options for graduate study in the areas of emergency preparedness, homeland security and cybersecurity, including two certificates and four related Master’s programs. As the College continues to grow and build its academic offerings, additional graduate programs will become available.

Master’s Programs

  • MPH with a certificate in Public Health Preparedness (School of Public Health)
    In partnership with the New York State Department of Health, the Master of Public Health helps students become well-rounded public health professionals, ready to assume responsible positions in state or local health departments, health care organizations or health-related non-profit agencies in the U.S. or overseas. MPH students have the option of earning a certificate in public health preparedness while completing their MPH program. Learn more about this program here

  • MPA with a concentration in Homeland Security (Rockefeller College)
    Increases students’ understandings of the following: the origin, nature, and impact of terrorism; the analysis of intelligence and information sharing; the role of intelligence, homeland security, and criminal justice agencies; and the analytic, methodological, and technical skills required for analyzing security and intelligence issues. Learn more about this program here.

  • MBA with a concentration in Cybersecurity (School of Business)
    Trains the next generation of professionals to understand the vulnerabilities and exploits in information systems available to cyber attackers. Students learn how to identify organizational vulnerabilities, understand threats, analyze risks, and select controls to mitigate risks. They also learn how to implement security in organizations, respond when incidents occur, and design systems to prevent cyber-attacks. Learn more about this program here.

  • MIA with a concentration in Global and Homeland Security (Rockefeller College)
    Designed for students who aspire to careers in defense ministries and departments, interior ministries and the US Department of Homeland Security, intelligence agencies, federal and state law enforcement, legislative staffs, international organizations oriented toward security, non-profit research institutes, policy advocacy organizations and security consulting firms. Learn more about this program here.

Certificates of Graduate Study

  • Certificate in Public Health Surveillance and Preparedness (School of Public Health)
    Offers formal training in public health preparedness with a focus on bioterrorism and infectious disease. Learn more about this certificate here.
  • Certificate in Information Security (School of Business)
    Teaches students how to analyze weaknesses in network systems, how to respond when incidents occur, and how to design systems to prevent them. Learn more about this certificate here.

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