Toan Tran

Normative and applied ethics, formal logic, aesthetics, moral psychology

The World Within Reach
Toan Tran
Adjunct Instructor
Ph.D Candidate

Philosophy Department



Toan Tran is currently writing his dissertation in philosophy on the development of promise theory. The goal of this project is to find a suitable theory or structure that allows for the generation of obligation and motivation for performance of promises, which is a subdivision of contract theory. It tries to answer the question, “What sort of situation is needed in order for an autonomous agent to bind him/herself and place a new obligation upon him/herself at will?” His major research interests are in normative and applied ethics, with side research in formal logic, aesthetics, and moral psychology. He tends to focus on the analysis of cultural structures such as promises, the family unit, marriage, gift giving, and trusting (persons and institutions).

CEHC Courses Taught

CEHC 210: Critical Inquiry and Communication

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