What is a “blended” format class?

A blended format class is a combination of online distance learning and in-person classroom work. In this course, you will participate in the online portion during weeks 1, 2, and 4. You will participate in-person during week 3 from August 1st - August 5th.

What is a simulation?

A simulation is a widely used teaching technique in which students play specified roles in simulated real world situations. For example, in a simulation of a hurricane event, students could play the role of emergency managers and policy makers during the preparation, response, and recovery phases of the storm. Instructional simulations have the potential to engage students in deep learning as they apply knowledge and skills to a complex and realistic problem.

If I am not a UAlbany student, can I enroll in the course?

Yes. Any college student can enroll in a UAlbany winter session or summer session courses. You simply have to fill out an application at: https://www.albany.edu/winter/54118.php .

Where will the in-person portion of the class take place?

During the in-person portion of the class, students will engage in simulations in the training rooms at the National Center for Security and Preparedness (NCSP) located in Albany, New York in Stuyvesant Plaza

How will transportation work?

Students will responsible for getting to locations in Albany. NCSP is walking distance from the UAlbany uptown campus.

Is housing provided?

Students that reside outside of Albany can apply for housing at no additional cost for the entire in-person portion of the course. To register for housing students can go on their MyUAlbany under the Campus Life Tab and fill out a 2016 Summer Housing Application for the 4Week3 session. In the Comments section please state that you are registered for CEHC 393 and will only be residing for 1 week, 7/31/8-6/16.

What is the National Center for Security and Preparedness?

The National Center for Security and Preparedness is a University at Albany center which supports the nation's efforts to be secure from acts of terrorism and to be prepared to respond to incidents of high consequence and disasters through research, education, training, and technical assistance. For more information, visit its website at: https://www.albany.edu/ncsp/ .

More questions?

Contact our staff at CEHC@albany.edu .

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