CEHC Faculty

*Jointly Appointed with CEHC

**Courtesy Appointment

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    Asal, Victor, *

    Associate Professor
    Political Science
    Campus Address: Milne Hall 300B
    Phone: 518-591-8729
    Email: vasal@albany.edu

    Research Interests: The reasons organizations choose to start using violence. Why some organizations choose certain tactics instead of others. The relationship between governmental behavior and the choice of violence.

    Behlendorf, Brandon

    Assistant Professor
    Campus Address: Richardson Hall 287
    Phone: 518-442-5782
    Email: bbehlendorf@albany.edu

    Research Interests: Illicit Trafficking Networks; Violent Victimization across the Life Course; Geospatial Dynamics of Conflicts and their Effects on Individuals; International / Comparative Criminology; Quantitative and Mathematical Modeling of Violence; Policing

    Berg, George, *

    Associate Professor
    Computer Science
    Campus Address: BA 310
    Phone: 518-442-4267
    Email: berg@cs.albany.edu

    Research Interests: Machine learning, computational biology, natural language processing

    Chindea, Irina

    Visiting Assistant Professor
    Campus Address: Draper Hall 304A
    Phone: 518-442-5236
    Email: ichindea@albany.edu

    Research Interests: Irregular warfare, cooperation and conflict among non-state armed groups, and informal governance structures

    Goel, Sanjay, **

    Associate Professor
    Information Technology Management
    Campus Address: BB 311
    Phone: 518-956-8323
    Email: goel@albany.edu

    Research Interests: Behavioral Information Security, Cyber Physical Systems, Complex Systems, Cyber Warfare, Hacking, Smart Grid, Connected Vehicles

    Lawson, Catherine, **

    Associate Professor
    Geography and Planning
    Campus Address: AS 218
    Phone: 518-442-4775
    Email: lawsonc@albany.edu

    Research Interests: Urban Transportation Data and Information Systems; freight planning; travel behavior and time use; water transport; hazardous materials transport; microsimulation and GIS applications; Big Data

    Nussbaum, Brian

    Assistant Professor
    Campus Address: Richardson Hall 289
    Phone: 518-442-5781
    Email: bnussbaum@albany.edu

    Research Interests: Terrorism and Counterterrorism, Homeland Security, Cyber Threats, Infrastructure Protection, Intelligence Analysis and Risk Assessment, State and Local Homeland Security

    Penta, Samantha

    Assistant Professor
    Campus Address: Draper Hall 304B
    Phone: 518-442-5268
    Email: spenta@albany.edu

    Research Interests: Disasters and Crises, Crisis and Emergency Management, Humanitarian Relief, Humanitarian Logistics, Organizational Responses to Disasters

    Phillips , Samantha

    Director, National Center for Security and Preparedness
    Campus Address: 4 Tower Place, 6th Floor
    Phone: 518-956-8180
    Email: scphillips@albany.edu

    Rousseau, David L.

    Associate Professor
    Campus Address: Richardson Hall 283
    Phone: 518-860-5868
    Email: drousseau@albany.edu

    Research Interests: Military conflict, shared identity, political development, and foreign policy

    Silver, Amber

    Assistant Professor
    Campus Address: Draper Hall 304C
    Phone: 518-442-5786
    Email: asilver@albany.edu

    Research Interests: Risk communication; social media; public attention; decision-making; risk perception; severe and hazardous weather; sense of place

    Steiner, James E.

    Program Coordinator for Homeland Security, Cyber Security, and Emergency Management and Public Service Professor
    Public Administration and Policy
    Campus Address: Milne Hall 119A
    Phone: 518-442-5378
    Email: jsteiner@albany.edu

    Research Interests: National, state, local, and private sector intelligence, including intelligence analysis for homeland security and for national security policymaking. Professor Steiner is a retired senior CIA officer and the author of Homeland Security Intelligence (Sage/CQ Press)

    Stern, Eric

    Campus Address: Draper Hall 345
    Phone: 518-442-5784
    Email: ekstern@albany.edu

    Research Interests: Crisis and emergency management, crisis communication, resilience, security studies, executive leadership, foreign policy analysis and political psychology

    Turetsky, David

    Visiting Assistant Professor
    Campus Address: Draper Hall 304D
    Phone: 518-442-5289
    Email: dturetsky@albany.edu

    Research Interests: Cybersecurity: policy, regulation, public-private partnerships, information sharing, market incentives, international norms, national security, elections, privacy. Emergency communications: 9-1-1 system, wireless emergency alerts, network reliability and resilience, FirstNet, etc.

    Young, Michael

    Assistant Professor
    Campus Address: Draper Hall 342
    Phone: 518-442-5783
    Email: myoung4@albany.edu

    Research Interests: Policy Decision Making in Homeland Security and International Relations