Undergraduate Programs in CCI

CCI is home to two academic departments that offer unique undergraduate degree offerings and specialized courses.

  • If you’re interested primarily in developing new programs and applications, Computer Science is the best fit.
  • If you want to apply technology and information science to a discipline outside those fields, Informatics can provide the knowledge and skills you will need.

Computer Science

This discipline involves the scientific study of algorithms (rules for a computation) and the problems they might solve. The Department of Computer Science offers a B.A. degree, two B.S. degrees, a combined B.S./M.S. degree, and a computer science minor. Computer science leads to careers in programming, systems analysis, network administration, database development, security analysis, IT, software engineering, and more.


Informatics looks at how technology is applied to specific disciplines, with targeted programs in government, education, business, the sciences and the humanities. The Informatics Department offers offers a faculty-initiated interdisciplinary major leading to a B.A. with a concentration in Information Science. This degree educates students for such careers as information technology specialist, records manager, Web developer, database administrator, and others. Some students enter graduate programs in library science, information science, business, and others. The combined B.A./M.S.I.S. and B.S./M.S.I.S. degrees provide unique opportunities for capable, highly motivated students to pursue any undergraduate major while also preparing for a career in the rapidly expanding information management fields. 

Informatics courses complement all disciplines at UAlbany by introducing an IT perspective and skills to any field. Because technology affects virtually all disciplines and careers, the Informatics minor is available to students interested in the role of computing and information and the application of technology in their primary fields of study.

Applying for Admission

UAlbany welcomes incoming freshmen and students who are transferring from community colleges or other institutions. To apply, see the Undergraduate Admission page.

Announcement: CEAS Establishing Department of Computer Engineering

The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences is currently in the process of establishing a Department of Computer Engineering.

Final approvals for the curriculum and department structure are in progress through campus governance processes. Once approved, students earning an undergraduate degree in the department will integrate concepts from engineering, mathematics, computer science and physics to learn how to design, build and operate systems with integrated digital hardware and computer software components. The degree will provide access to careers in hardware, software and systems engineering in industry, government, and academic sectors.

For more information, please contact Ann Marie Murray at amurray2@albany.edu or 518-956-8031.

The department is in the process of recruiting a chair and faculty. Please see our Employment Opportunities page for more information.